What if getting better
at chess was simple?

Simplify your chess training. Focus on what wins games.
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The Simple Approach to Chess Improvement

The Chess Gym training program is based on five core principles.

  • Simplicity Wins: Daily focused tasks streamline your training, no more wasted time wondering what to study.
  • Consistency is Key: Steady effort pays off more than occasional study. We build the habits that get you results.
  • Community Support: Learn from others, teach others – at every level, we collaborate to get stronger.
  • Science-Backed Training: No long and complicated study plans. Our methods are rooted in what works. Many adults do not practice their skills enough.
  • Focus on the Process, Not Ratings: Get obsessed with improving your play, and see your rating follow naturally.

Join a newly started community already with over 100 active members from beginners to grandmasters.

The Training Program

Ditch endless chess videos and confusing plans. Our simple, focused program delivers the improvement you actually want.


Solve the daily position and submit your solution

Start each day with our curated Daily Position, and develop essential pattern recognition.


Play one 30+20 sparring game

We believe that this time control is optimal for online sparring games.

Find your perfect match with our smart algorithm that pairs you based on skill and availability for the week.


Annotate the game and share it

Learn to dissect your games with our community analysis – find your blind spots, and fix them faster.


The workout of the week

Dive into a 60-90 minute focused session to sharpen your calculation and endgame skills, and analyze solitaire games.

Each week, expand your chess arsenal with new ideas.

Your Complete Training Toolkit

Daily Calculation & Evaluation

Every day we post three daily positions ranging in difficulty from fundamental to hard. You should aim to spend 10-15 minutes on solving the position and to write down your analysis. After you have found a solution you submit it and compare notes with the other members of the community.

Build Healthy Habits

Track your weekly chess training at The Chess Gym with our straightforward habit tracker. Simply check off completed tasks to enhance self-awareness and monitor your progress effortlessly, visualizing your journey towards improvement.

Easy To Use

Our community is built on the powerful platform Circle. This offers our members something simple to use and navigate. We aim to use only the essential channels, so you can focus on the daily workout and interacting with the other community members.

Meet The Team

The talented folks who work on making the Chess Gym great

FM Nate Solon

A seasoned chess player, once ranked among the top in his age group in the US, has reached his peak rating of 2327 FIDE. Currently, he contributes to the chess community as a coach and the writer behind the Substack Zwischenzug.

Martin Justesen

Dedicated chess enthusiast, who began his journey at 18 and co-founded the #chesspunks community on Twitter. He’s also authored several chess tactics books. Writes the newsletter Say Chess on Substack.