Chess Gym Legend: Police Chief Edwin Compass

Chief Edwin Compass is long-time friend and the strongest non-tournament player I know bar none! Edwin is the Litmus test for Chess Gym Students advancement to the next level.




Daaim Shabazz author and creator of The Chess Drum

Daaim Shabazz author and creator of The Chess Drum, the premier cite for current chess events, articles, games, etc. I would not be coaching, playing or teaching chess were it not for Daaim’s rescue efforts for me and my family during the aftermath of Katrina. Thanks Bro! www.thechessdrum.com


The Brothers from Philly

Pete Rogers, Elvin Wilson, Jeff Johnson, Keith “the Iceman” Thompson and Peter Moss and many other players in Philly I am eternally grateful for having met.


Our Winners!


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The Chess Gym was developed by National Quick Chess Master, Rene’ Phillips, a master that has devised a system of chess development exercises to advance the student’s ability in calculation, problem solving, and overall cognition.