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GM Varuz Akobian and NM Rene’ Phillips

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Wearing Pink Rebok at the October Chess Fest raising awareness for Breast Cancer. I honor my wife Marie “Tina” Consetta Phillips (with the Lord) and my current wife Sandy Phillips along with my mother Ruby Jones and Eli’s mother (Leila Daquin) with the championship won by my student Eli Karp and I. We beat Grandmaster Varuzan Akobian and NM Nick Matta in the championship Twin Chess game. I dedicate the championship title to these courageous women and their victories over Breast Cancer. Tina has garnered the ultimate victory and is in HIS presence. We won the championship with a perfect 4-0 score. The title and the trophies go to you ladies!

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Legend: Police Chief Edwin Compass

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Police Chief  Edwin Compass 

Chief Edwin Compass is long-time friend and the strongest non-tournament player I know bar none! Edwin is the Litmus test for Chess Gym Students advancement to the next level.


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The Chess Gym was developed by National Quick Chess Master, Rene’ Phillips, a master that has devised a system of chess development exercises to advance the student’s ability in calculation, problem solving, and overall cognition.