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The Chess Gym was developed by National Quick Chess Master, Rene’ Phillips.  Rene' has defeated some of the top chess players in the world at rated blitz chess in person and online. Phillips has devised a system of chess development exercises to advance the student's ability in calculation, problem solving, and overall cognition. NM Rene Phillips has written articles on his own “home” lines of the London System that have been published online and in the internationally read, Chess Life Magazine. View Rene's Chess Coach Dossier and videos at http://chess-coach.net. View the chess coach page and learn from Rene's popular and lively instructive videos.


1. Phillips married 26 years has kids and loves kids!

2. Phillips is a world champion in several sports and knows about winning!

3. Phillips is a renowned teacher, trainer, and National & Quick Chess Master!

4. Phillips won the 2009 La G/30 Chess Championship with a perfect 5-0!

5. Phillips won the 2009 La G/60 Chess Championship with a perfect  4-0!

6. Phillips won the 2009 La G/10 Chess Championship with a perfect 4-0!

7. Phillips won the 2009 Super Nationals Coaches' Tournament with a perfect 4-0!

8. Phillips is the first to receive the Life Title of "Certified Professional Chess Coach" from the United States Chess Federation!